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Telebision is the name of the ambitious multimedia center that tries to consolidate your collection of videos, movies, music, and pictures into one interface perfect for both managing and enjoying your files. Additionally, with Telebision you'll also have access to different online sources like YouTube, ADNStream, Flickr, and Picasa.

The program's purpose is to outfit your PC as a viewing center for your entire collection of videos, music, and images. It provides you with in-depth access and a configuration that's customized to all of the content that you have saved to your PC, as well as all the online video sources you use most frequently. If you also synch up your YouTube, Picasa, or LastFM accounts, you'll increase the amount of accessible content.

The application is based on XBMC, a pioneer system in the integration of internal and external multimedia sources. The feature that makes it stand our the most is probably the possibility of installing plugins from different popular services like PeliculasYonkis, SeriesYonkis, and RojaDirecta.
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